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SlaviName: Slavi

Born in Bulgaria, lived in USA for 16 years, nova days - in Denmark.

Main occupation: 3D / CAD Visualization / Drafter, Web DesignerGraphic Designer.

Photography is my second love.

In these crazy days a human being should have something to enjoy and do with pleasure and easy. Do not get me wrong I loved my work at Dimension Craft, but it sucked the life out of me from Monday to Friday for 14 years.

Long time ago my first love was and is still THE GUITAR! The MUSIC! The warm and cozy filling when you play and create! The headache after practice or concerts and the happiness in your heart - you do not want that ever to faze.

So you can guess how I fill with my camera! Right!

I do not tend to claim myself "a professional" photographer, but I am an Image Master-Magician, turning any photo or image into one astonishing piece of art.

Create art imaginations either in 2D or 3D world.



Artist's Statement

I will not judge myself, usually the judgment is for the spectators and critics. I'm going to say that the photos in my gallery are the photos I like the most.

The mood, the scenery, the setup, the peo...



Equipment I Use Equipment I Use

Digital SLR's are quickly becoming the fastest moving segment of the digital camera market, this mea...